Thursday, December 3, 2009

Two Ducks and a Turkey????

CAS, our local animal rescue charity, gets asked to home all sorts of critters but when the vice president, Jane Kirk, received the request to find homes for two ducks and a turkey she was stumped until she remembered the Noah’s Ark in Sedella. Knowing that I kept ducks, geese and chickens and had in the past homed guinea fowl, quail, and a peacock to say nothing of the pig and rabbit, I received a copy of the request with the footnote, “one for you I think”……

“Oh good”, I thought, “Christmas is coming and I haven’t ordered my turkey yet”.

My husband and I contacted Alf and Jaki, the people who had kept said 2 ducks and a turkey as ‘pets’ and arranged to meet them to collect the birds in the car park at the supermarket half way between our homes.

We found out that they are a bit old for eating but still decided to do the decent thing and let them live out their days amongst our flock in happy retirement so we took them home. Alf and Jaki have no idea what breed of ducks they are but I think they are Muscovies, a breed we don’t have. I am hoping, therefore, that when the spring comes the drake, who is thought to be gay, gets amorous and does the deed so we can increase our stock with some good plump eaters.

The ducks have settled in well and been accepted by the rest of our ducks and geese and I find the very fat (but sadly old) turkey waiting for his breakfast each morning by the feed hopper so he is obviously happy enough not to be off his food.

Alf requested a photo of them all after they had settled in and preferably AFTER Christmas so of course I will oblige and if we get ducklings I’ll also let them know.

In the meantime I’m just off to place my Christmas order at the butchers……